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- the BBC's masterful drama of organised crime in 1920s Birmingham - is returning later in 2016 for more tales of Brummie brutality as dark and sinister as the show's Nick Cave theme tune.

Cillian Murphy is back, fronting six more episodes as Tommy Shelby - the terror of Birmingham with the face of an angel. Tommy's explosive exploits will resume on Thursday, May 5 at 9pm on BBC Two, with filming on the third series having begun in northern England on October 5, 2015. The Shelbys are going bigger than ever before, as Tommy is pulled into a "glamorous and dangerous world of international intrigue" in the 1920s.

And as ever, if you miss an episode and aren't signed up to Netflix, you should also be able to catch it on BBC i Player – provided you have a TV licence.

The BBC commissioned seasons four and five at the same time, so it shouldn't be too long until we get the fifth installment.

Their roles are being kept under wraps - but we can definitely expect fireworks!

Series creator and writer Steven Knight and his executive producer Caryn Mandabach admitted there have been talks surrounding the possibility of a film spin-off.

Season four of the hit drama concludes tonight with episode six TONIGHT, December 20, on BBC Two at 9pm.

Just like the previous series, there are six-hour long episodes in total.

Cillian Murphy has confirmed a return as the leading man in the Birmingham based gangster show.

But it looks like Sam Neill's Chester Campbell won't be plaguing Tommy any longer after Aunt Polly shot him in the chest - breaking his heart literally and figuratively..

And we mean long-term."I've got an ending where [Murphy's character] is Sir Thomas Shelby, and it's the start of the Second World War," he's revealed.

Steven Knight, the show's writer, has revealed his plans for the gang to reach the 1920s period - and see the fallout of the General Strike in 1926.

He revealed that he thought the time was a true "between the wars" story, as the city recovered from World War One with no knowledge of the impending World War Two.

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