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There was a time in the 90s when Julia Ormond was everywhere.

From being a Hollywood unknown she suddenly found herself, aged 29, the female lead in three huge movies alongside Tinseltown's biggest hitters – Brad Pitt (in 1994's Legends of the Fall), Harrison Ford (in Sabrina) and both Sean Connery and Richard Gere (in First Knight).

My digs were awful, and I was around fun people and it was a release from being a child.

But the minute I started working, all of that faded out".

It's based on an F Scott Fitzgerald story and stars Brad Pitt (again) as Button, a man born at the age of 80 who gets progressively younger.

He falls in love with Daisy (Cate Blanchett), though they only consummate their relationship when they are both 40.

Suddenly she was faced with criticism for no other reason than that the critics felt it was about due.

The New York Times ran a piece titled 'The Conception, Production and Distribution of Julia Ormond', which implied that Julia had somehow connived in creating her rapid celebrity out of nowhere (an angle that all but ignored her successful ten-year career on the British stage and screen).After drama school and her first professional job (an ad for cottage cheese), Julia spent a decade carving out an impressive stage career, making a mockery of later suggestions that her film success came from nowhere.She won the 1989 London Critics' Award for Best Newcomer in Christopher Hampton's Faith Hope and Charity at the age of 24 and she played Cathy in Wuthering Heights at the Crucible in Sheffield.She was hailed as the new Julia Roberts and described by one critic as "a hurricane on the horizon".The lone voice of caution, it seems, came from Julia herself.

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"I've got a few films coming up where I'm allowed to create a character with more depth than I did before.

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