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How many times have I said some- thing I thought innocent—or even complimentary—only to have it heard by my beloved as something along the lines of “I wish you would turn into a pizza.” To see how this plays out in literature, we need only turn to one of the saucier of all highbrow novels, .

There’s enough sex in Lawrence’s scandalous masterwork that I could find ten—yes, ten—things said after sex that you really wouldn’t want to say today.

Even if you want to praise her (or yourself ) for the success you just had, better keep still.

Let it happen; don’t shine light on it lest it disappear.

They leave each other, and Mellors--now torn from his solitude--muses about the importance of desire and tenderness, and the evils of the mechanized industrial world.

For her part, Connie is confused: she knows that she does not love Mellors, but is happy that he has been kind not to her personality--to her mind and intellect, which she is coming to believe are meaningless--but to "the female in her."The next day, they meet once again at the hut.

With springtime, and the resurrection of the forest, Connie's misery seems all the harsher.She feels that her body has awakened to him, that she adores him with all of her physical being.She spends that night in the company of Clifford, but the bond between them has been irrevocably broken.That night, Mellors cannot sleep; he replays his life in his mind.On a late-night walk through the woods, he recalls his years as a soldier in India, and his unhappy marriage to Bertha Coutts. He reflects also on his own loneliness, and realizes that loneliness is fundamental to the human condition.

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