Dating a filipina girl

Thanks to the obsession over the American culture, Pinoys are really good at learning and adopting the thoughts, ideas and behaviors of the modern American culture. Think about how fast they adopted the fast food culture.As a result, the obesity rate in the Philippines increased by 400%.

Of course, they also want a romantic gentleman who treats them with respect. A halfie is what happens when you believe when she tells you that it’s okay to remove the condom during your first love-making session. In case you didn’t know, Filipinas are obsessed with white skin. A lot of movie stars, models and singers in the Philippines are half white and half Asian.They love Hollywood movies, they love Hip Hop music, and they love the sense of freedom that people link to the USA.In fact, whenever you ask Filipinas about the men they want to marry, they usually answer They don’t care because they want to believe in this ideal image of the land of endless possibilities.They want to believe in their American prince charming who sweeps them off their feet. As long as you are the type of American that she They don’t want an Arnold Schwarzenegger who is killing robots or a Bruce Willis who’s killing everyone besides robots.They fantasize about meeting Richard Gere in Autumn in New York.

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