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Ultimately, it came down to a decision by CBS’s Standards and Practices department, according to the Huffington Post. “Veggie Love,” PETA (2009) The ad: Women in lingerie express their love for vegetables. Why it was banned: PETA’s raunchy ad is an example of how sex doesn’t always sell.

Ashley Madison’s CEO complained that the network was discriminating against the ad’s use of porn star Savanna Samson. “Skinny Dipping,” Bud Light (2007) The ad: A charming couple decides to spice up their night by going skinny dipping in a pool under the moonlight, only to realize that the pool isn’t quite private Why it was banned: Maybe TV just wasn’t ready for the ad’s voyeurism.

Why it was banned: Lou d’Ermilio, a spokesman for Fox Sports, said, “Our standards department reviewed the ad and it was deemed inappropriate for broadcast.” Rider Mc Dowell, co-owner of Airborne, protested by arguing that the commercial wasn’t sexual, but “tantamount to showing a baby’s bottom.” Smooth.

, one of the characters battles dragons and other enemies in a fiery hellish-looking setting.

I already did my mother.” Why it was banned: For some reason, CBS thought it best to stay away from a gentle implied incest joke. “Blind Date,” Smart Beep (1999) The ad: A woman lets one rip in the car before her blind date, only to realize it was a double blind date and the other couple was in the backseat…the whole time.

Why it was banned: Apparently, Fox execs thought the beeper service’s fart joke was too much.

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The only thing more fun than analyzing this year’s crop of Super Bowl ads?

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