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This Section does not affect the validity or priority of a security interest in an LLC’s property that is created to secure the indebtedness to the Owner.Except as provided in subsection (B) below, an Owner (other than the Nation or Tribal Entity) or manager who votes or assents to a distribution in violation of Section 25-5-7 or of the Operating Agreement is personally liable to the LLC for the amount of the excess distribution, subject to contribution from all other managers or Owners participating in such action.Any excess proceeds can be distributed to shareholders.In a partial liquidation a company redeems all or part of its outstanding stock then distributes the proceeds to its shareholders.A corporation may liquidate by (a) paying off creditors and distributing the remaining assets in kind to the shareholders or (b) selling assets, paying off creditors, and distributing the remaining cash to the shareholders. If the corporation distributes the assets to the shareholders in kind pursuant to a plan of liquidation, it is treated as having sold the assets to the shareholder for fair market value.[15] If the corporation instead sells the assets and distributes the remaining cash to the shareholder, it is taxed on the sale.[16] Likewise, the shareholder is treated as though the shareholders sold their stock to the corporation for the value of the assets or cash received.[17] The shareholder’s basis in property received pursuant to a plan of liquidation is the fair market value of the property at the time of the distribution.[18] [10] I. The fair market value of the LLC’s total assets would be less than the sum of its total liabilities plus, unless the Operating Agreement provides otherwise, the amount that would be needed for the preferential rights upon dissolution of Owners, if any.

At the time that an Owner becomes entitled to receive a distribution from an LLC, the Owner has the status of and is entitled to all remedies available to a creditor of the LLC with respect to the distribution; provided, however, that such right shall not in any way limit any other remedy available to such Owner under any other provision of applicable law of the Operating Agreement.Instead, the distribution is governed by the general nonrecognition rule of Code § 311(a), which prevent the corporation from recognizing loss on a transfer of depreciated property. § 302(b)(1), this test is usually used only when the safe harbors of I. Liquidation is a taxable event for both the shareholder and the corporation. Like the “Redemptions Not Equivalent to Dividends” test of I. Except as provided in this Part, upon the distribution in partial liquidation of an Owner’s interest, the redeeming Owner is entitled to receive the amount to which the Owner is entitled under the Operating Agreement and, if not otherwise provided in the Operating Agreement, the fair value of the redeemed interest based on the Owner’s right to share in distributions from the LLC.Except as otherwise provided in this Part, upon an event of dissociation under Section 25-3-7 that does not cause dissolution of the LLC, a dissociating Owner is entitled to receive any distribution to which Owner is entitled under the Operating Agreement and, if not otherwise provided in the Operating Agreement, the fair market value of the Owner’s interest in the LLC based on the Owner’s rights to share in distributions from the LLC.

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