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They meet love with a sincere attitude, open to being shown new worlds through the experience.The Archer flirts directly, and that can feel startling to Pisces. The Archer is a sunny extrovert and a top candidate to become Pisces' only sunshine.There's something guileless about Sagittarius that is refreshing for Pisces, who often slips in and out of personae. And that can be inspiring to Pisces, who as the sign of the Fishes, tends to Pisces is an enigma wrapped in a riddle—sometimes outgoing, sometimes ingoing, like the tide.They're endlessly curious about people, and friendships are important.Upside: visionaries with creative souls; open-minded; champions of the underdog; humanitarians; want to see the best in others; playful.

They are jovial (a word that comes from Jupiter) companions, out for traveling, luck and sense of life as an adventure.Both are mutable (changeable) signs, greeting life as a shifter of shape.Pisces needs time to integrate what is experienced, and often finds a pathway through the imagination.The nature of Sagittarius is more "in motion" than Pisces, and this difference in rhythm creates strain.When the Archer wants to go, Pisces is radiating from one spot, experiencing the subtle levels all around.

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