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The furthest I've made it was Expert Pre-Golem, man that Plantera fight was easy but basically everything else was a CUNT.

Are those mods that give you like 7k hp for me, or should I just got back to vanilla hard mode until I git gud?

It'd be colossally fucking retarded to have requirements from other mods even when you aren't playing with them.188151750Except with Luiafk, you can make literally everything with either a workbench or an anvil.

You can have infinite ammo pre-hardmode, and that's just bullshit.

If no item is in the first slot, it drops the item in the second slot, and so on and so forth188077234crystal eyeglasses - hallow mimic accessory that gives 15 armor piercinggolden idol - accessory dropped from lizhards, increases the amount of common drops you getblack lotus - accessory dropped from hardmode dungeon enemies, increases the amount of rare drops you get Full set gives 30% increased mining speed and is the same tier as Iron Armor.

Basically a better version of the mining armor since it doesn't have shit stats and isn't a pain in the ass to obtain.188072074it's the bee enchantment, when you have bees summoned with it it causes the machinegun of stingers, if you get the accessory from the plaguebringer goliath that shit slays moonlord in no time Why not just make it an evolving staff according to where you are in the game?

Shit I should have gone with all the fucking mods for this battlerods run188171457you can't even make the fargo shit you're complaining about until well into late/endgamecalamity has weapons that simply have no counterpart at almost every stage of the run, especially once you get to hardmodedon't get me wrong, i enjoyed calamity, but i regret playing it with thorium because it trivialized thorium's content188192452The point is giving people part of their fix since Prefixes for Enemies is incompatible with everything now.

The CIA seems to be working on figuring out why that is so in the forums, thankfully.188197031i usually play ranger so i usually get a hallowed repeater and hallowed armor, go hunting for chlorophyte, and use that to make a shotbow to kill off plantera once i get my life fruit and arena set upafter that, it's a simple case of farm shroomite and wait for a pulse bow before i cheese out golem So I'm thinking about getting back into the game, are the mods that add new progression there to make the game harder, or just add more to do?

The only time it's actually a thing is if you're trying to catch a Guide Doll over lava and your inventory is full.188116405Different anon here but does that work with mods?

I found the zone but I can't survive there for long, not even sure if I can mine the rock. Sounds like a solid plan to me, I'mma kit up on dynamite and check it out.188137151Tell me how I can craft multiple things at once in the magic storage and I'll rescind that.

Also, I'll add it, but it's basically just a combination of Fargo's and Infinity.

188142894Fargo's adds those requirements depending on which mods you have.

You can have dependencies on Thorium or Calamity only if you are currently playing with either of them.

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188201401If anything, they make the game easier by adding more (generally OP) stuff at each level.

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