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He has worked at Downers Grove South, Streamwood High School and Westmont High School, locally, and at Hiawatha Kirkland Junior-Senior High School in Kirkland and at Macomb Junior-Senior High School in addition to Mount Vemon. and alae Kwon Do promotion test and demonstration at p.m.Other professional credentials include nearly a dozen administrative and committee activities including service on for the Illinois Association of School Administrators (I ASA), Administrative Certification Review Committee for the Regional Office of Education, Education Advisory Committee for the Illinois Chamber of Commerce the Regional Cooperative Governing Board and the Minority Affairs Committee. Additionally baked goods, treats from RJ's Eatery and Schwann's ice cream will be available.Isolated] 'Storms: t-storms ■ • ••••• « • • •*' JOT op OOS .... "We're looking at other states to see what they do, and what is successful.We're of 54 holds hoping that we won't be in the same situation a few years down the line where we have to come to the taxpayers and ask for more money." Ralph Martirc will be the first in this series of guest speakers.Every year, he and his students fill freight contain- ers with gifts, includinp for children in Peru, sc supplies for a school if Ghana and comfort pack- ages for American soldiers in Iraq.

has been driven over the years to continually expand his own voluntary outreach, with a focus on children's issues and needs.

Additionally, a women's shelter has been created in Antioch and has been made part of the expanded operations. They call it the 100 Percent Foundation, so, as Davis says, "Everyone will know it is all for the kids." At the end of the Forefronts breakfast, in Kelly Kroc age six chooses a stuffed animal to place in the Easter basket she Is filling.

Children at the Lindenhurst Early Childhood Center filled baskets to give out to underprivileged people in surrounding communities.-— Photo by John Dickson March, as the room emp- tied, Davis and Keenan hud- dled together, sharing thoughts on how to maxi- mize their efforts.

He is the executive director of the Center for lax and Budget Accountability (CTBA).

In short, CTBA is a non-profit research and advocacy think tank that promotes fair, efficient and progressive tax, spending and economic policies.

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"The Committee of 34 sent representatives to Springfield to find out what could be done for property tax relief,'' Helberger-Skoog said.

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