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When you're a transgender person in the dating world, you always need to "out" yourself to potential relationship interests at some point during the process, and not doing so prior to the first date can be tragic and deadly — Trans panic is so real that, in 2014, California enacted the first law in the US eliminating the "panic defense." This defense allows defendants in murder cases to plea down to a lesser manslaughter charge if the defendant claimed that he was so shocked to find out his victim was gay or transgender that the sudden "heat of passion" caused him to lash out.

Unfortunately, this is a defense that can still be used in 49 states.

I decided I'd create a female profile and a male profile — one profile representing the woman I am today, the second profile representing the person I was prior to transition.

I’m a so-called "baby trans," which means I am a woman who is transgender, but I've only been transitioning for about a year — and learning the social queues of being a woman, especially a woman in the world of dating, has been a fascinating experience.I'm sitting at a unique crossroads — I'm presently transitioning and living as a woman for the first time in my life, when so recently I was walking through the world looking, for all intents and purposes, like a man.That experience — of presenting, being perceived, and dating as a man — is still in my recent memory, albeit fading quickly.After all, I am now legally a woman according to my newly issued birth certificate, have always identified as female, and feel that my status as female is valid for dating online.So, for the purpose of this experiment I kept my transgender status private — I'd disclose it if and when anything developed.

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