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Unfortunately, it seems like the company still has some work left to do in order to ensure its update doesn’t unintentionally make the problem worse.

This happens almost every time a prominent transgender woman tries to have a nuanced public conversation about sex and dating.If users wish to share that information, they can opt in. While the app's recognizing users’ identities might make them feel welcome, they should have the ability to not post such details publicly.While trans people still have the right to choose the binary male and female gender options, disclosing may put them at risk for being flagged all over again — which is exactly what got Tinder into this mess to begin with.Tinder worked with GLAAD’s Nick Adams, trans activist Andrea James and the creative team of “Transparent” to ensure that the solution met the evolving needs of the extremely diverse trans community.It was important to recognize that in a rapidly changing America, trans folks are looking for love, too.

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Many transgender people have been historically banned from the app, which asks users to report any “inappropriate behavior.” That self-policing, intended to filter out spambots and catfishers, allowed users to file complaints en masse about trans people — even though they weren’t doing anything wrong.

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