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Elena Gilbert: Hey Matt, has Bonnie forgiven me yet?

Because the death of her mother and Bonnie’s resulting poutfest is seriously cramping my style. Alaric’s been accused of murder and you need to do something!

Sadly, however, Charlie's womanizing nature eventually catches up with him in 2011 when he catches a train the hard way.

Enter suicidal billionaire Walden Schmidt (Ashton Kutcher) as the new owner of Charlie's home.

And you remember the seventy three times that exact same thing has happened since then? Damon Salvatore: No reason, just reliving old times. Elena jest załamana po śmierci rodziców w wypadku samochodowym. W ich mieście dochodzi do kilku zabójstw, które wyglądają tak, jakby ich sprawcą było dzikie zwierzę. Pewnego dnia do jej szkoły przyjeżdża tajemniczy Stefan Salvatore. Okazuje się, że to wampir Damon Salvatore - zabójczo przystojny i arogancki, ale i uwodzicielski starszy brat Stefana. Truly I do hope thou shalt arrive at thy domicile unmolested! Carol Lockwood: Alaric Saltzman: Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck I am so hung over! Damon Salvatore: Yeah, accused by a psycho surgeon with files on all of the victims, the murder weapon, , and a TODO list on her refrigerator that has exactly one item: Murder the Mystic Fall’s Watcher’s Council. The store was out of hair gel today, yet another sign that our vengeful god hounds my every step, pouring out the wrath I so truly deserve. The Lurking Shadow of Slaughter: Carol Lockwood: Hi Sheriff Forbes! The Lady of the Manor: Why doesn’t Damon just bent the bars with his bare hands? Sheriff Liz Forbes: Damon, if you don’t respect my authority, I’m going to arrest Matt Donovan: Man, when Elena asked if I wanted to come over and get sweaty with her, I really thought she had something else in mind. Damon Salvatore: “Dear Diary, A chipmunk asked me my name today. That lie will haunt me forever.” So Stefan, what say we ditch the emofest and activate our wonder twin powers and search our diaries for convenient information about the latest spat of murders?

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