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The new governor would have been elected the same year that Carcetti was elected mayor - 2006 - and up for re-election in four years, not two. They know what they speak of and don't rely on cookie cutter characterization. See more » Hate to be rude but don't pay attention to the moronic post below. This is the closest thing to a novel that you will find on TV. - Don't you know then, my son, how little wisdom rules the world? Audiences get a visual upgrade and design flow of the command deck of the Enterprise, refit #1 in the trailer below. Vengeance (left) looks the part of a bad ass warship.It reminds slightly of the original show mixed with a much better forward visual display (:04), and a amazing color palette than ever before. It's an eerie cross between a Borg vessel and the Star Trek Nemesis Romulan warbird.Five-card boxes come with four signed cards, one of which is a Silhouettes autograph. For those not familiar with Silhouettes, the cards have a history that dates back to Pacific Trading Cards.They come with an oversized memorabilia swatch that’s layered under a die-cut player image.101 Rod Woodson, San Francisco 49ers /10 102 Emmanuel Sanders, Denver Broncos /10 104 Paul Warfield, Miami Dolphins /10 106 Don Majkowski, Green Bay Packers /10 108 Jay Ajayi, Miami Dolphins /10 110 Steve Grogan, New England Patriots /10 111 Luke Kuechly, Carolina Panthers /10 112 Joe Theismann, Washington Redskins /10 114 Nelson Agholor, Philadelphia Eagles /10 116 Dan Hampton, Chicago Bears /10 118 Carl Eller, Minnesota Vikings /10 120 Charcandrick West, Kansas City Chiefs /10 121 Vincent Jackson, Tampa Bay Buccaneers /10 122 Brandin Cooks, New Orleans Saints /10 124 Ron Jaworski, Philadelphia Eagles /10 130 John Hannah, New England Patriots /10 132 Andre Reed, Buffalo Bills /10 136 Ameer Abdullah, Detroit Lions /10 138 Matt Jones, Washington Redskins /10 141 Randy White, Dallas Cowboys /10 142 Jeremy Hill, Cincinnati Bengals /10 144 Jeremy Langford, Chicago Bears /10 148 David Johnson, Arizona Cardinals /10 151 De Andre Hopkins, Houston Texans /10 152 Antonio Freeman, Green Bay Packers /10 154 Julius Thomas, Jacksonville Jaguars /10 156 Kordell Stewart, Pittsburgh Steelers /10 158 Troy Brown, New England Patriots /10 159 Doug Flutie, Buffalo Bills /10 52 cards.

Although all come with the same general concept, the come in a variety of forms from veterans, rookies and retired stars.

Reflecting either inaccurate reporting, or poor film timeline discussion. But I will suspect I got something right in this sequencing.

I suppose the following happens: 1) Enterprise starts on a mission that involves a Volcano - saving a culture (prime directive is mentioned by Spock) 2) Enterprise comes back to Earth - heroes once again.

That was some of the most lame criticism I have ever come across on this site. It is so impeccably plotted and so honest and realistic that I will never be able to watch another cop show (or any TV drama) without comparing it to this example of television greatness.

I doubt the guy even watched the entire first season. Did I mention its also the smartest TV show on the air too?

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  1. Of those who said they would prefer an earlier start to the school year, 45 percent said they would support moving the start date up by one week while 18 percent wanted to start two weeks earlier than currently.

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